In 2016, Sunbird Records opened a DIY live music venue in the heart of Darwen. This creative hub is nestled in the rolling hills of Lancashire – also known as ‘near Manchester’. The label and its home have been built and shaped by a growing neo-tribe of like-minded individuals, with a collective drive to launch new alternative music and culture, into the industry. Originally a decommissioned bank, the venue features a basement bank vault that has been transformed into a cutting edge recording studio. The venue has established itself as a tour stop for many artists, having already hosted 100’s of live acts from across the world, from our own local heroes to our musically inclined friends across the pacific. We are proud to present the Sunbird Records venue – a space to craft and showcase pioneering musicianship and diversity.

Thursday 20:00 — 00:00 (check events page)
Friday 20:00 — 03:00
Saturday 20:00 — 03:00
Sunday check events page

Past & Present shows:
PINS | Cleargreen | Good Foxy | Anhedonia | Jeramiah Ferrari | The Moods | Donnie Willow | Let’s Swim, Get Swimming | Eye The Bomb | Today They Are Older | The Brackish | Salt The Snail | Three Headed Monkey | Allister Whitehead | Danielle Moore DJ set (Crazy P) | Strange Bones | Tera Melos | Tangled Hair | The Physics House Band | Totorro | Vasudeva | Body Hound | Vasa | Luo | Bong Ra | End.User | DJ Shitmat | Ruby My Dear | Drumcorps | Chiyoda Ku | Age of Glass | Shunya | DJ Woody | Tindrumm | Cousin Kula | Funeral Shakes | Rival Bones | James Holroyd | Listener

Sunbird Records,
4 The Circus,

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