Interestingly the graphic identity which typically signifies Sunbird Records, its sun icon, is simply a bold graphic with a subtle hue. The burgundy dot could be interpreted as either a sun, or the record icon used on classic tape machines, therefore reducing the graphic language to its minimal form. In effect it created a reduction in mediatisation, in stark contrast to the rest of the culture industry, which appears to be moving towards a more mediated landscape. For Sunbird Records it is important to develop its design as something much simpler, but also less concrete, creating a more responsive and flexible graphic language. Despite being the label’s primary graphic representation, it is the foundation of a graphic language which expands with each graphic production, largely due to the requirements of each brief rather than personal or regulatory preference. One aspect of the label’s graphic language is its employed colour scheme, consisting almost entirely of monochrome tones and the label’s signature burgundy. The label’s graphic language plays within these freedoms and restrictions to develop a plethora of stylised assets, which have since come to signify the label, especially for the label’s already connected participants. The same branding is used at the end of each video, animation or film, lending a sense of continuity through all aspects of print, product and digital graphic productions.