In accord with Latour’s actor-network theory, independent labels also have a discourse with both true independent and dependent poles of the culture industry. Latour suggests that the way to maximise our social landscape is to reinject it with social theory, claiming that the “only way to achieve this reinjection of the things into our understanding of the social fabrics is through a network-like ontology and social theory” (Latour, 1996, p.4). The present study posits that the design of an independent record label—as something more than just people making music—is better facilitated by the reinjection of post-subcultural design, a thing-oriented discipline which is focused on the design of posters, merchandise, record sleeves, etc. This object-oriented interpretation of post-subcultural design and the making of a record label, is a unique contribution to knowledge made by the present study. Indeed, this is the nature of the present study: to design and critique the development of a neo-tribal actor.